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Complete lab for HIC-Test according to NACE standards

In the next few days, equipment for a complete lab will be shipped by boat to its destination on the Persian Gulf. The NACE-compliant tests to be run in this lab are required mainly by end-users in the field of pipeline and pressure vessel production to ensure sour gas resistance of the product and to rule out hydrogen-induced crack formation.

Sour gas lab including complete equipment für HIC-Test according to NACE standards

After three months of planning and sourcing, Steiner Chemie was able to ship the complete equipment for a so-called “sour gas lab”, including fume hoods, gas cylinder cupboards, double work table, clean gas pipes, ventilators and raw material for the exhaust system, as well as complete equipment for HIC test, SSC test and 4-point bending tests according to NACE standards TM0284-2003, TM0177-2005 and ASTM G 39-99.

Two employees of the client company attended a one-week, in-depth training session in Germany for HIC-Test and SSC-Test which took place both in a research lab and in our own lab, in order to prepare them for their future tasks.

Eight weeks from now, a fitting team from Bünger Labortechnik will begin the installation and commissioning on-site, and Dr. Hajgholipour of Steiner Chemie will hold another introductory session about the equipment supplied.

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