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Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel) delivered to British Virgin Islands

kctrockenperlenSorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel) are in use worldwide. This proves once again a large order, this time to British Virgin Islands.

Plants Global Inc. has ordered 18t Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel). In just four weeks the Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel)  were produced, packed and sent on their way by sea.

Meanwhile the Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel)  safely reached their destination and were brought to their subsequent destination.

More info about Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel) on steiner-chemie.com

Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel) - flexible quantities, prompt delivery
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